If you have gone closer to the mirror lately and see very fine lines on your face, then you should understand that this is an early sign of skin aging. It does not matter whether you are in your thirties or even in your twenties, as long as you have these fine lines, it is already a ground to start understanding skin aging and the remedy for it.


When skin ages, it is often unpleasant. Good looks will slowly diminish because the skin will begin to droop. It is like a worn-off garter. The skin will also develop fine lines and these lines will eventually turn into wrinkles. All of these are unwanted things that can happen to the skin.


Every person will have different levels of severity of skin aging. This severity is dependent on three things. These are:


  • Genes – genes can be a major player on skin aging. If your forefathers have the quick tendency to acquire skin aging, then it will also more likely to occur to you. However, the generations of today have a lot of means to counteract this situation. With the help of science and technology, many substances, techniques, and even gadgets have been developed to help fight skin aging.


  • Skin Phototype – just as the name suggest, there are many shades to the skin. Skin phototype is derived from Fitzpatrick classification of the skin. There are different Classes. Class I would be the palest and Class VI would be the darkest. The paler the skin is, the more prone it is to burning.


  • Environmental Factors – these factors will include but not be limited to exposure to the sun, pollution, and hygiene. Free radicals are everywhere in the environment and they are highly damaging to the skin cells.


Everyone, in one way or another, is prone to all these factors of skin aging which will cause fine lines and wrinkles. So how do you prevent or cure them? Here are some basic tips for you.


Facial Exercise


Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes in a day to fight skin aging. You just have to incorporate in your daily task the work for facial exercise. Massaging, stretching, and lubricating the face will be done with the exercise.


Skin Supplements


There are many products for skin care. Oils, creams, ointments, face washes; all of these are for the well-being of the skin. The trick however is to learn which is the best of these products. Usually, the one with antioxidants and many more beneficial ingredients are needed.


Diet and Healthy Practices


It is also important to make sure that your diet conforms with all the things that you do for the benefit of the skin. So make sure that what you take in your body will help make the skin healthy. Examples of good foods are papaya, milk, and yogurt. Healthy practices will also include sleeping early, and proper hygiene. After all, health is not just a matter of the food or drinks that people take.



It has been an elusive dream for anyone to avoid ageing. Most of the time, people would just accept that they are already in their old ages and they would no longer be maintaining better skin health. Due to this, they also lose self-esteem as well as confidence in front of many people. Instead, they would be prone to having an image that is unrecognizable by the society. You should not let ageing ruin everything. You could still make everything happen in a short pace of time. In addition to this, there are still the technology and science that could help you lengthen your younger-looking days.


Perfect skin ideas have already emerged from different health societies. More and more anti-aging products are actually coming out of the market. There is already an influx of reviews regarding the products and this is normally due to the fact that many people are concerned with their skin. You should not be afraid of taking chances in improving your skin. You should know that more and more people are already trying it and there is nothing wrong to check out what technology has for you.


But of course, before you ever choose an anti-ageing product, you should be aware of these warnings and tips:


  • Sounds Matter

This would pertain to how you could sense and absorb the advertising statements regarding the anti-ageing product. If you think the statements sound too good to be true, then you could reconsider how it could be effective in reality as well.


  • Don’t Hesitate to Question

If you would be purchasing an anti-ageing product, there is nothing better than getting more information about it over time. Keep in mind that there are products concerned with your skin sensitivities and common goal in skin improvement. For instance, you may be concerned about wrinkles only.


  • Be Cautious of Double Skin Treatment

Do not believe that a product would be helpful in the treatment of a common condition in behalf of its anti-ageing power hastily.


  • Secret Formulas Do Not Exist

Don’t be fooled by some products stating that it is made of secret formulation and another skin care discovery. Keep in mind that skin research is too extensive to be kept secret.


These tips should sink into your mind. Remember, you need to be wary of everything since your skin is at stake here. If you want the best anti-ageing products, you could simply take note of these components and check their presence in some products:


  • Antioxidants

This would be helpful in reducing the wrinkling of the skin. This would also be helpful in providing your skin vitamins.


  • Minerals

You need to make sure the product is mineral-rich that would help in improving skin appearance by reduction of wrinkles and maintaining your young skin age.


  • Saffon Butter

This would also be helpful in wrinkle reduction. This would be a great option for UV Ray protection.


These three are perfectly great to consider and by just seeing their presence in a product would provide you definite skin care at its best.

To ask how to cure fine lines on the face is like asking how to stop skin aging. Fine lines on the face will always be accompanied by other skin aging signs like face sagging due to loose skin, dull and dry complexion, and even dark spots around the eyes. One or two of these will always be present when fine lines are.


So how do you stop them from getting more severe? Is there a cure? The answer to these questions will be what follows in the next few paragraphs of this short article. But to give a hint, the answer for a cure is yes.

First of all, one must understand that there is a traditional way to fight skin aging. Apart from this traditional way however is the modern, more sophisticated way and that is through the help of lasers, needles, and other gadgets. Most of the time, only Hollywood personalities can afford and are more than willing to go through the modern way. Majority of the people out there would always prefer the traditional method.


Lubricants for the Face


As people age, the function of the epidermis to produce its natural oil and hold moisture is altered. Basically speaking, it is lessened. The remedy therefore is to moisturize it.


There are already a lot of studies that have shown that dry skin is one of the major causes of fine lines and wrinkles. The drying of the skin on the other hand can be caused by many things such as exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, the environment and its pollution and many more. To fight this, moisturizers, and even healthy oils like the almond oil should regularly be applied on the skin.


Supplementing with Antioxidants


Antioxidants are also very good in giving the skin a fighting chance against all other elements that pose threat to its welfare. The free radicals in particular, are the harmful elements that these antioxidants are fighting against. Free radicals destroy cells in the body so the function of antioxidants is to protect and replenish these cells, even the skin cells.


The Blessing of Retinoid


Retinoid work similarly like antioxidants. It works with the skin cell, replacing damage ones from deep within the skin of a person. The problem with this substance however is the fact that it sometimes could irritate the skin.


Prevention with Sunscreen


Without the sun, there will be no life in this planet. However, too much of it would yield to something undesirable. Getting under the sun unprotected for more than fifteen minutes can cause a great deal of damage to the skin. Sometimes, you may not see the effect on first instances but there are times that you will, such in cases of sunburns. This is why when anybody goes to a dermatologist, he or she will always be recommended to use sunscreen before getting out of the house.


The things taught here are simple ways to fight skin aging. You really do not need to spend so much in a doctor’s clinic to have a healthy skin. Sometimes, all it takes is a little research here and there.

People tend to buy anti-aging products that they’ve heard from someone else; it could be their neighbor, their friends or even from an influential individual, just hearing how effective the product is pushes them to do so. What they do not know is that anti-aging product brands should not be the basis of its effectiveness; specialists claim that it’s actually all in the ingredients label of a product.


Each ingredient differ in what it does for our skin, that means if you are allergic to a specific ingredient you can just pick a product without it and be able to know what’s ideal for your daily use. Most products specify their active ingredients, which is very convenient to those who have certain anti-aging ingredients working best for their skin.


Anti-Aging Ingredients


Here is a list that indicates the ingredient and what it can do for your skin, this way you’ll be able to know which works best for you.


·           Retinol. This can give you a firmer and healthier look, it aids in the production of collagen and other supportIng substances in the skin. Its effect on skin can also improve skin texture and barrier response, a big plus to looking young and beautiful.

·           Vitamin E. An ingredient that does not appear as ‘Vitamin E’ on some product labels, it could be tocopheryl succinate, tocopheryl acetate or tocotrienol. If paried up with Vitamin C it can work wonders on your skin, it can affect your skin in various ways such as protecting collagen and skin cell membranes from damage which will prevent your skin from sagging.

·           Vitamin C. As mentioned above, Vitamin C and E is a powerful tag team, so be sure to remember that when choosing anti-aging products. Vitamin C is known to prevent wrinkles due to its property to increase the production of collagen. Your skin’s ability to repair itself rises, reducing any inflammation, pigmentation and even the sun’s damage on your skin.

·           Resveratrol. Skin products with resveratrol aid in protecting the skin cells from the harmful rays of the sun, improving collagen production, all which contributes to healthy skin.

·           BHA. This is ideal for those with skin prone to breakouts; it decreases the redness and good for normal – oily skin.

·           AHA. It evens out skin texture and ideal for normal – dry skin types, also aids in moisturing and creating healthy collagen in the skin.

·           Niacinamide.Able to lessen skin pigmentation and acne, also lighten the skin.  This is a known component found in a vitamin called B3 that decreases water loss in skin which makes it good for dry skin.

·           Grape Seed Extract. Its effectiveness rises if paired with another antioxidant, it increases our skin’s ability to repair and make our skin firm, and this reduces wrinkles.

·           Ceramides. This is already present in our skin and if left to lessen at a certain point, our skin becomes sensitive to damage. Restoring lost ceramides aids in making us look younger and at the same time protects our skin from harsh environments.

There are many factors to a wrinkled skin. One of these is the decreased production of elastin and collagen that maintain the skin’s elasticity. Also, the harmful UV rays of the sun may also cause premature wrinkling. There are ways on how you can prevent your skin to age prematurely such as having adequate sleep.


Sleep and Wrinkles


You know very well that it is vital to sleep at least 8 hours at night. This can help your body regain its resistance against diseases and it makes you feel better as well. Sleep can also promote collagen production which is considered as the framework to your skin. This protein compound is synthesized in the body. Aside from eating protein rich foods such as egg, it is important that you allow your body to utilize its protein stores to produce the said natural compound that helps fight signs of skin aging such as wrinkles.


You may have noticed that when you lack sleep, dark circles around your eyes start to show. These dark areas on the face make you look even older. Also, when you are not well rested, you may find yourself with a bad mood all day long. When you frown, you are using more muscles on your face than when you smile. It may also cause you to develop fine lines on the forehead and somewhere near the eyebrows. So smile and let out your natural charm.


Sleep Position and Wrinkling


Having adequate sleep is not the only vital thing you must keep in mind to prevent your face from having wrinkles. The position you assume in bed at night also greatly affects the integrity of your skin. When you lie on your belly or your side, you are more like to develop fine lines on your face. It is therefore important that you sleep on your back to prevent the formation of wrinkles.


Skin Care Rituals before You Sleep


Before you jump to your bed, there are skincare practices that you may want to consider. Make sure that you have washed yourself before sleeping. Wearing a make-up during sleep is definitely unnecessary and is a big no-no in preventing skin impurities.


Drink a glass of milk. As a child you were told by your mom to finish a glass of warm milk. This may help you get enough sleep that you need. Also, milk is rich in proteins that your body needs in producing proteins such as elastin. This is necessary in maintaining the elasticity of your skin.


You may be having troubles with sleeping so make sure you have a room that is conducive for rest. You may have a greater problem when you are sleeping during the day after a grave yard shift. Now that you know the importance of sleep not only to health but also to skincare, prevent factors that may alter your rest periods. Refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks such as soda, coffee and tea before you sleep. Aging is inevitable; however you can slow down your aging clock through getting enough sleep.

People do lose their mind because of their wrinkling faces. Moreover, as the day passes, they seem to observe how their fine lines increase in number over time. This is pretty disturbing indeed and you would find yourself stuck in depression that you would soon be ugly as well as incapable of glowering with beauty. This is a usual mental response. Because of this, many people are still crazy and too intolerable when it comes to obsessive hunt for the best fine line reduction products in the market.


There are too many products in the market that you could consider to be effective in your fine line dilemma. But of course, if you want better results in association with the products’  contribution, there would also be a need for your participation. As much as possible, you practice simple habits that would be aiding in your overall fine line reduction. Remember, your lifestyle as well as how you handle things could cause your fine lines. Fine lines are signs of ageing, then you could say that it could be caused by an unhealthy skin care, stress, anxiety, and the uneven distribution of skin care minerals.


If you want to improve your skin and avoid fine lines, here are the following steps for you to follow:


  • Moisturize

You need to moisturize your skin day and night. This would be helpful in avoiding your skin from being dehydrated. It would then minimize fine lines as well as wrinkling of the face. If your skin would be hydrated very well, then you could expect to have a youthful skin.


  • Choice of Fine Line Products

If you would be purchasing products for your skin, you should take note of the most important components for fine line reduction. These components would include copper peptides, hydroxyl acids, as well as retinol. These components are actually made to work under the facial skin and would be promoting healthy collagen production.


  • Alternative Product

If ever the products you have chosen did not provide the results you are aching to have, you could already try some prescription medications, such as those containing tazarotene as well as tretinoin.  If you would be using products containing the said components, you would need to make it definite to wear sunscreens.


  • Sun Protection Products

You should maintain a regular practice of wearing sunscreens.  You should be aware that sun exposure could lead to wrinkle production significantly. Moreover, UV rays could promote fine lines and would aggravate the appearance of wrinkles.


  • Procedural Treatments

There are already procedures that could improve your skin health. You just have to choose the best one for your needs or maybe you could ask your doctor about it. Treatments like skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, peels, as well as laser therapies are among the best youthful skin providers.


These steps would be helpful in maintaining and gaining a better skin. These procedures are normally designed to provide you undamaged skin with progressive maintenance of masking the fine lines you got.

At this time and age, technology seems to have produced products ideal for aging problems, a problem both men and women can experience early in their lives. Every single day, we go out and expose ourselves to harsh environments which affect our body such as pollution, the changing weather and the harmful rays of the sun. All of the mentioned become factors to quickening the pace of our body’s aging process and if this were to happen, people tend to lose their confidence at some point in life. This is why skin care is important to take into action and why there are a lot of anti-aging products seen online and in your local stores.


They say that preventing skin problems before it actually happens or becomes visible is more advised because early signs of aging can happen to just about anyone. You may not see it but our body’s aging process goes on everyday and with this in mind, one can use anti-aging products even before skin problems arise. Being able to understand what our skin needs is vital in choosing an anti-aging product; technology has even made it easier for us by creating skin products for specific. It ranges from normal to dry and oily skin; there are even special products for those with sensitive skin.


People nowadays go for products that are reliable, such as skin creams with anti-aging properties. Products such as these are known to go through tests that have proved itself worthy in its role at slowing down aging. Some are designed solely for a certain skin type, some are made to fit rare skin problems; another plus to why most individuals opt for such products. What’s more convenient is the fact that both young and old can use them, so regardless of your age you can still combat aging.


Skin Care Products

Of all the beauty products known to man, skin care is one of the most used products used to prevent aging. In case you’re the kind who doesn’t use such things, anti-aging skin products have actually shown how people, young and old, are interested on keeping their skin beautiful and healthy. Wrinkles and sagging is just one of these individuals’ main concerns and being able to know how to combat it can mean an add-on to their confidence everyday.


For us to begin a daily skin care routine we need to know if the products we have are safe to use on our skin, instructions are also provided for a more effective and long lasting result of the said skin care. You might need to try which product is best for you; there are several available skin care products with different active ingredients. The same product might now work effectively on you as it did with others, so do explore as much as you can.


Beautiful skin can only be achieved through hard work and determination, you need effort to go on continuing the daily skin care routine, also patience to know which works best for you and be able to see the results. You can start now and fight aging, don’t wait for the early signs of it to settle in before you do.

Wrinkling of the skin is part of aging. This may be due to exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and the lack of collagen synthesized in the body. Many commercial products are available in the market promising you a wrinkle-free skin. However, these products often cost too much and the results usually don’t last long. There are things found in your kitchen that may be used as a remedy for the aging skin. Egg white is a protein rich food that can be good in preventing and lightening wrinkles.

The Aging Skin

When you age, the production of collagen which is a protein compound diminishes. The skin soon loses its elasticity and form wrinkles. Also, the adipose tissue or the layer of fat underneath the skin also fades. This tissue provides tightness to your skin. The oil production by the sebaceous gland also decreases as you age. This causes the dryness and wrinkling of your skin. According to dermatologists the protein, albumin, in egg may help in tightening the skin which reduces wrinkles.

The Egg Face Mask

Face mask made of egg white may tighten the skin temporarily. This skin care practice may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After studying egg white and its composition, scientists found out that that there are about 69 major proteins in it. It is, however, unclear what the body can benefit from these proteins. Doctors believe though that it can help in lightening the skin and reducing wrinkles.

How to Apply

Experts recommend that using egg white before a night out may be helpful in temporarily reducing fine lines. You will need two eggs in making a face mask.  First, you must separate the white from the yolks. You must beat the whites in a small bowl until it begins to have a frothy consistency. Using your fingers, apply the foam to your face and let it stay for 30 minutes. Using cool water, rinse your face and pat dry with a clean towel.  After this treatment, you can moisturize or apply makeup.

The Skin Care Benefits

There is uncertainty whether egg white removes wrinkles permanently. On the other hand, Vitamin A, which is found in it, is known to promote tissue repair. Also, this nutrient is said to remove wrinkles and other skin impurities. Using egg white as a substitute to some commercial preparations for skin care can help you save money. There are some natural ingredients you can add to this face mask that can enhance its wrinkle-reduction properties. Lastly, this skin care habit may also reduce the oiliness of the face that may cause breakouts such as pimples and blackheads.


If you develop itchiness after the application of egg white on your face, rinse it off immediately. This may be a sign that you are allergic to egg. When you start developing rashes and experience other symptoms such as palpitations and difficulty in breathing, go to the nearest hospital or clinic. This may be signs that you are having an anaphylactic reaction.